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Sell Your House Fast - Get More Exposure!

Its easy with one of our "For Sale Boards"

for sale board on houseWith the ever increasing fees demanded by Estate agents to sell a property, it comes as no suprise that people are now turning to selling their own property. Whats more they are managing to sell their home without the services of an Estate agent!

Through tradition people have used Estate Agents to locate a buyer for their home. Now its time for change! We are able to offer a unique service that enables you to take control of the sale for ONLY £35, you'll receive a personalised board within 14 days. Plus place your house for sale on the Internet for free.

Can you sell your car? Yes ... well there's no reason why you cannot sell your home! After all who's lived in the property for all these years, who knows the area, the schools, and the neighbourhood better than anyone else? ... YOU DO. So why pay an agent, who hardly knows your house try to sell it. Your enthusiasm and your indepth knowledge of the house will easily satisfy potential purchasers, and reassure them that the house is right for them.

For Sale Board - fastest way to sell your houseOur eye catching For Sale Sign is personalised to display whatever phone number you like! Its made of exactly the same material as your local estate agents use - Corex. Its double sided - your number is displayed on both sides of the board. Whats more if you have an advert on our website we can display the advert number too, this gives potential buyers the chance to get more information before they call you. Displaying our For Sale Board will let any potential buyer know that you have a property to sell and that you mean business.

Have you every wondered why Estate agents leave boards outside homes that have already been sold for so long? Have you wondered why they go the the length of switching the sign from "For sale" to "Sold"? The answer is simple - the for sale board really does work for them! It gets them more business from people driving around the area, someone sees a house they like and they call the number on the board.

When you display our For Sale Board , you can wave good-bye to costly fees commonly charged by Estate Agents. Why pay them for what you can easily do for yourself?

Sell house

Sold after only 2 enquiries, your For Sale board really works. You were correct when you said that "people look for For Sale boards in the neighborhood they want to live in" Thanks very much.

Mr John Whitworth

Sell house


Our For Sale Board will Bring you Instant Attention!

  • Your Board will be Personalised - you can display any number you wish!
  • You will Target Interested Buyers Within your own Area!
  • Brings Ultimate Exposure and Compliments your On-line Advertisement!
  • A Brilliant Vehicle for Advertising your On-line Listing!
  • Used Successfully by Estate Agents - Will do Same for you!
  • ££££'s Selling Fees Lower = You Save!!! (Savings Calculator)
  • Professional Appeal and Eye Catching = Quick Sale Save ££££'s!
  • Well Worth Every Penny of the £39.97 cost!
  • Double sided - Your Number on both sides!
  • Made from Corex - as used by Estate Agents



Buyers tend to know where they want to live, and will drive around looking for homes displaying boards. Catch the attention of potential buyers in your area ... the ultimate low cost solution to selling your home!

Potential Buyers love the opportunity to deal directly with YOU! Consider this:

Sell house We had 8 quality inquiries in only 7 days! From that, we gave 4 viewings and had a good offer on just the second viewing! We were very impressed! Our happy buyer said it was the easiest house purchase they had ever made, because they were able to deal with us directly and without the pressure of a hungry Real Estate Agent . Thanks to your For Sale Board , our first sell experience was a breeze. We still cannot believe how easy the process was, thank you very much!!
J & M Cribb, Newbury
Sell house
Sell house

We had 8 viewings and 3 offers within 2 weeks of putting the board up. We even had an estate agent ring us up after seeing the board and offer to "help" us. When I told him the offers that we had in, his comment was that we seemed to be doing quite fine without him. My neighbours and friends were very skeptical at first, but having seen the results you may have some more customers in the future.

T Murrey, Southampton

Sell house

» Order a Board ....

Your High Exposure, Personalised For Sale Board will Arrive Within 14 days (approx.) and at a cost of only ** £39.97 ** It will provide you with the quality vehicle you will need to SELL FAST! Well Worth its Weight in Gold!

We service UK residents only. You must supply the post on which to fix your board. We recommend a piece of 2"x2" wood from B&Q or your local timber yard. Simply attach your For Sale Board to the side and affix to your wall. You will have everything you need to make your sale!

Sorry we are not taking board orders at the moment

Phone number to display :

Your Advert Number:

Delivery Name :
Delivery Address :
Delivery City :
Delivery PostCode :

Using a Homes On Sale for sale board will let people in the area know you are selling! It is a fact that people tend to know the area in which they want to live. they will drive around the area looking at properties and looking for "Property for sale boards". When they see a house they like they call the number on the board. Ever wondered why estate agents leave the boards up for as long as possible? well they get so much business just from having them displayed outside homes.


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buy a for sale board - sell your house fast

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